Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is an ailment where a person senses rotation, spinning or moving of his head or the surroundings even when things are stagnant. Vertigo can be objective and subjective but can be treated completely if identified early.

So, if you wish to know the possible vertigo treatment options, then let’s head towards them!

Treatment Options for Vertigo

There are various ways through which vertigo can be treated. But you can avail a treatment depending on what is the cause behind it. In most of the cases, vertigo goes away without securing a treatment. It is because the brain adapts to the ongoing changes, particularly to the inner ear, depending on other mechanisms to maintain a proper balance.

But if vertigo is not treated over time, then there are various treatment options available, such as:

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The foremost treatment for vertigo is a physical therapy that aims to strengthen the vestibular system of the body. The core function of the vestibular system is to transmit signals to the brain about the various body and head motions relative to gravity.

This treatment option is recommended when you have recurring attacks of vertigo. This helps to train the senses to learn to compensate for vertigo.

Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers

According to the guidelines and suggestions from the American Academy of Neurology, there are various series of a particular body and head movements to treat vertigo. Such movements are practices in order to remove the calcium deposits from the canal into the inner ear chamber. This way it becomes possible for the body to absorb them.

During the initial procedures, you might experience such vertigo symptoms as the canaliths move.

For this, you need to undertake assistance and help from a physical therapist or doctor who can guide you through all the movements. These movements are absolutely safe and in most of the cases, highly effective.

Medication for Vertigo

The symptoms of vertigo can be relieved through medication, such as motion sickness, nausea, and more.

If vertigo has resulted from inflammation or infection, then proper antibiotics and steroids recommended by the experts can be considered to reduce the symptoms and cure the infection.

For example, Meniere’s disease resulting from vertigo can reduce the pressure from the fluid buildup to a great extent.

Surgery for Vertigo

In some cases, vertigo can be treated with surgical measures. This practice is adopted when vertigo occurs due to a severe underlying problem, like brain or neck injury or tumour. With the surgical treatment, it is possible to alleviate vertigo completely.

Home Remedies for Vertigo

While there are numerous exercises and home remedies suggested to treat vertigo, but most of them are identified ineffective. In most of the cases, the problem of vertigo is resolved spontaneously within few days. This has resulted in the belief that vertigo has might be treated by practising any home remedy.

But yes, practising yoga, meditation, and other de-stress and relaxing exercises can help to combat vertigo to a great extent. Other than this, one can practice vestibular rehabilitation exercises in order treat vertigo to the fullest. Also, modified Epley manoeuvres when done on a regular basis can help to treat vertigo to a great extent.