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Journal of Biotechnology ISSN:0973-0109
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About the Journal

‘Advanced BioTech’ is a monthly journal which publishes research articles in the various frontier areas of Biotechnology. Started in August 2002, ‘Advanced Biotech’ was more of a magazine to promote biotechnology in India by featuring news, reviews and commentaries in Biotechnology from experts across the country. Topics of current relevance and biotechnological events such as conferences, exhibitions, etc were featured every month.
In tune with the need for a journal that is devoted to Biotechnology, the decision to transform ‘Advanced Biotech’ from a magazine to a Journal was taken. The redefined Scope, ‘Guidelines to Authors’, Editorial Board, Manuscript submission, review and processing modalities were worked and finalized; with due provisions for constant updating and revisions as required.

‘Advanced BioTech’ has a wide subscriber base and gaining in popularity as a model platform to showcase/ share research findings. A committed approach to serve the Biotech fraternity ethically with openness to progressive modifications is the primary editorial and publishing philosophy of ‘Advanced Biotech’

Advanced BioTech is published by Samanthi Publications Private Limited, a specialty publishing group in the science, technology and business domains. Other major publications are ‘Life Sciences Industry News.' ‘Herbal Tech Industry’, ‘and FRP Today'.

Honorary Editorial Board


Dr. P. Rajasekaran, Ph.D.

Dr. V.R. Swamy, Ph.D.

Dr. Neeta D. Sinnappah-Kang, Ph.D.

Dr. A. Gopala Krishna

Dr. Shaleesha Stanley

Dr Asrar Sheriff


Dr. M. Ravi Ph.D., MNASc