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Production of pectin lyase by solid state fermentation of sugarcane bagasse using Aspergillus niger

Praveen Kumar Ramanujam.

Advanced BioTech, volume:6 Issue 12: June10, 2008

Pectin lyase is an important enzyme that finds application in food processing industries, particularly in increasing the juice content of the fruits by breaking the glycosidic bonds of the long carbon chains present in the pectin molecule. In this work sugarcane bagasse was used as raw material for the production of pectin lyase by Aspergillus niger through solid state fermentation. Sugarcane bagasse was used in various compositions to optimize the media for the maximum productivity. The physico chemical parameters of the production media such as pH, temperature and fermentation time were also optimized. The result shows that the maximum activity of pectin lyase 229.07 U/ml was achieved from the medium containing 50% of sugarcane bagasse. The effect of pH temperature and time on the production of pectin lyase was found to be pH6, 35oC and 84 hrs respectively. For the optimized conditions the maximum activity of Pectin lyase was found to be 290.88 U/ml.
Author Affiliations

Praveen Kumar Ramanujam.
Lecturer in Biotechnology, Arunai Engineering College (Affiliated to Anna University), Tiruvannamalai- 606 104, Tamilnadu, India.

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