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Phytochemical Screening and Biochemical Quantification in Brassica juncea and Amaranthus polygonoides

Sumayya A.R, Sivagami Srinivasan and Helen.S

Advanced BioTech, Volume:11 Issue:11 May 10, 2012
The preliminary phytochemical analysis was performed in leaves, stem and seeds of both the GLVs after subjecting them to aqueous, acid and alkali extracts. From the observation, it can be concluded that both the GLVs were equally good with regard to the phytochemicals that they are endowed with. Hence it was recorded that both the GLVs were found to have strong presence of carbohydrate, protein, phenol, sterols, alkaloids, quinines and terpenoids.  On the contrary, flavonoids, glycosides, anthocyanin and tannins were moderately present in both the  GLVs. The phytochemicals like catechol, cyanogenic glucosides, leucoanthocyanindines, volatile oils and lignins were absent in the selected GLVs. The study was further extended to quantify some of the biochemical constituents like chlorophyll, carotenoids, total carbohydrates, total proteins, ash content, crude fibre, iron and phosphorus.   In this quantitative evaluation, mustard  was found to have more chlorophyll content  than  Amaranthus polygonoides but viceversa in the case of carotenoid content which was higher  in sirukeerai was higher than in mustard. Furthermore, the total carbohydrate and total protein levels in siru keerai was found to be higher when compared to the mustard. The levels of ash content and crude fibre in both the selected GLVs were found to be maximum in sirukeerai when compared to the mustard. The iron as well as the phosphorus contents of mustard was found to be less when compared to siru keerai. Hence, it can be concluded that the selected GLVs (mustard and sirukeerai) are immense source of phytochemicals and crude fibre.  They are also rich in phosphorus, iron, carbohydrate, protein. These GLVs are not only affordable but also widely available throughout the world.   It can be emphasized that the diet rich in GLVs also confer to promote health 
Author Affiliations
Sumayya A.R, Sivagami Srinivasan and Helen.S
Department of Biotechnology, Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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Sumayya A.R, Sivagami Srinivasan and Helen.S 2012Phytochemical Screening and Biochemical Quantification in  Brassica juncea and Amaranthus polygonoides. Adv Bio Tech:11(11):32-35

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